Be a Freedom Ambassador

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for considering becoming a Freedom Ambassador and helping to share this powerful life-changing course with your friends, family, and followers. It is a genuine honor that you’re here. 

FREEDOM Course is offered near the 2nd of each month. In this live classroom setting, I teach men all over the world what the Word of God says and how to break the bonds of sexual sin for good and triumph over temptation, every time. I teach them to be Faithful Men: Faithful to God, Faithful to their wives (even before they meet them, for the single men) and Faithful to their children. 

You already know the damage being done in marriages, homes, and churches all over the world through pornography and sexual sin – an established stronghold that has no place in the life of a believer. This course is important and has already had a global impact! Men who have taken this course have turned their backs to sin and their faces to their Savior, Jesus Christ, learning to fear the One True God – men from Latvia, Bosnia, Australia, Guatemala, Canada, and the US! 

God wants every man to walk in purity and holiness. Will you help me spread the word about FREEDOM Course? 

I don’t take your time, generosity, and influence lightly and hope that the commission you receive from those who sign up for FREEDOM Course through your link and recommendation is a blessing.

How it works

After you sign up to be a Freedom Ambassador, you’ll get access to your dashboard where you’ll find your exclusive link that you can share anywhere and in any way you choose.

Each time someone enrolls in FREEDOM Course at the full price through your link, you’ll receive $50, with no limit on enrollees. It’s that simple!

I’m asking you to commit to:

  • Publish two Instagram stories Sharing the Course, each month
    • Each new class begins on or near the 2nd day of every month. Please publish your first story 7 days prior to the next class and your second story 2 days prior to start of each new class (that’s 2 days before the second of each month). 
    • Always ask viewers to “swipe up” to register for the course (and don’t forget to use your link!).
  • Send an email to your entire list of email subscribers with a strong encouragement to register for the live class and/or encouragement for them to share the link with others. I’m hoping this email always goes out within 10 days of the next class.
  • Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are all encouraged but not mandatory. If you have these platforms, no reason not to receive your $50 from those who enroll through them!

How to sign up

Now, if you’re ready to commit to sharing about Freedom in the ways I’ve just described, I want you to do three things.

  • Sent me a short, personal email to that confirms you understand the expectations and you commit to following through on them for a full year.

If there’s anything you need, if you have any questions, or recommendations on how this program could be even more valuable please contact me directly.


Matt Jacobson, Founder